Amnesty International Ad Campaign:

"Amnesty International fights for the complete abolition of the death penalty all over the world and has an enormous quantity of figures that show the real situation today. In 2011 the number of executions was alarming, despite the fact that the number of countries that practice capital punishment has decreased by more than a third over the past ten years. Our goal was to communicate the significance of the figures on capital punishment very visually and simply. To do this, we created different graphic resources that helped to explain each message, using the names of the countries as a common, informative element."

Advertising Agency: Contrapunto BBDO, Madrid, Spain

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The Shocking Reason This Gay Couple Was Forced To Sit In The Back Of The Bus


When someone feels he can use his meager authority to punish a couple just for holding hands “in front of women and children” it becomes obvious we’ve got a ways to go.

JUST IN: Terrorists behind threat closing U.S. embassies Sunday have been selected & are in place, CBS News’ John Miller reports - @CBSNews


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Fosters.com: State rep. starts petition against UNH sex workers conference



DOVER — New Hampshire state representative Joe Sweeney, R-N.H., has started a petition to raise support and start asking questions as to who approved using student activity money for a mini-sex workers conference at the University of New Hampshire in April.

“I think it’s an atrocity that our students brought prostitutes to our campus,” said Sweeney, who represents Rockingham County District 8.

Sweeney posted the petition on his Facebook page and the petition was also sent to media outlets by Americans for Prosperity’s state director, Greg Moore, who wrote in an email that he “couldn’t agree more,” with Sweeney.

The mini-conference spanned throughout the day on Tuesday, April 16, starting with a documentary and ending with a 7 p.m. panel discussion on the rights of sex workers.

Moore sent a Right to Know request to the university earlier this week to make public the cost of the event and is expecting to receive documentation from them on Monday.

Meanwhile, Kitty Stryker, one of the conference speakers, has started a counterpetition against the state rep. “I think it’s an atrocity that our students brought prostitutes to our campus,” said Rep. Joe Sweeney, despite the fact that only one of them may have been a full service worker, and the fact that one of them was a current UNH student and one a former UNH student, so no one really went out of their way to “bring” them to campus.

I went to high school with him. At first, I was really shocked he would say such offensive and ignorant things, but I checked it out on Facebook and he seemed to eat his words. He claims to just want answers, but promoting the discussion of the difficult challenges faced by sex workers and recognizing that they have rights is NOT something that I believe is a waste of the school/fundraiser contributors’ money. His closing statement on Facebook was super-politically correct. He blabbered on about how we need to protect the sex workers from the high degree of violence they experience and recognize their rights and how he knows this because he just finished a women’s studies class here. Oh yeah? Then don’t fucking say that putting on a conference about this issue with experienced people present is an “atrocity”.

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